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Surrounding information

  • Yunotsubo Kaido Street
    ■30 seconds on foot
    Yunotsubo Kaido Street at the foot of Mount Yufu.
    The street is lined with souvenir shops and restaurants where you can enjoy local cuisine, and is bustling with many tourists.In addition, along the river, it is a recommended walking spot where you can enjoy the scenery of each season.
  • Lake Kinrin
    ■7-minute walk
    There is a walking path around the lake, and you can see fish and waterfowl swimming, making it a perfect place for a stroll.Also, in the early morning from autumn to winter, you can see the fantastic view of Lake Kinrin wrapped in Morning Fog.
  • Kijima Kogen Park
    ■About 15-minute drive
    There are more than 30 types of attractions, such as screaming attractions and heartwarming rides, that the whole family can enjoy.In addition, you can enjoy it all year round, such as Kyushu's largest outdoor ice skating and cherry blossoms in full bloom in spring.
  • african safari
    ■About 20-minute drive
    It is Japan's largest safari park-style zoo, and the "Safari Zone" where you can observe large wild animals in your own car or ecological observation bus "Jungle Bus" is sure to excite both adults and children at the power of wild animals.
  • Sagiridai
    It is an observation spot where you can see the cityscape of Yufuin from an altitude of about 680m.The contrast between the mountains and the sky is beautiful from spring to summer, the golden pampas grass swaying in autumn, and the snowy landscape in winter.In the early morning of winter, you can sometimes see a fantastic Morning Fog, as the name “Sagiri” suggests.
  • Mount Yufu trailhead
    Mount Yufu, with an altitude of 1,584m, which rises in the northeastern part of Yufuin, is a popular mountain that is visited by Yufuin all year round for its view of Kuju Mountains Beppu can be overlooked.