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Creative kaiseki cuisine with plenty of Bungo delicacies

The creative kaiseki cuisine, made with care, uses plenty of seafood.
From the desire to fully enjoy the taste of Bungo,
The chief chef puts his heart and soul into each dish.
  • Steak Plan

    You can enjoy the two major main dishes that Yufu Ryochiku is proud of.
    You can enjoy the juicy texture of Kuroge Wagyu beef steak with plenty of umami.
    A creative kaiseki meal where you can enjoy freshly picked local vegetables and fresh sashimi caught that day.
  • Luxury special cuisine

    You can relax in a private room and enjoy Bungo delicacies, which are upgraded from regular kaiseki cuisine.
    The soft Japanese black beef steak and Seki horse mackerel landed on that day are just the taste of mouthfulness.
  • Japanese black beef shabu-shabu kaiseki cuisine

    Dip the tender meat in hot water.It is popular among women as it is easy to eat.
    Please enjoy the exquisite Kuroge Wagyu beef that melts in your mouth.
    It is a creative kaiseki cuisine where you can enjoy freshly harvested local vegetables and fresh sashimi caught that day.
  • Standard Kaiseki Meal

    It is a creative kaiseki meal where you can enjoy local chicken, freshly picked local vegetables, and fresh sashimi landed on that day.
    You can enjoy the texture of both the rich meat and the fluffy meatballs in the main chicken pot.
  • 【Bespoke】 You can also add Seki horse mackerel sashimi.

    Please contact us at least 3 days before your stay.
    【Charge】 From 8,800 yen(market price)
  • Breakfast

    A delicious Japanese breakfast made with local ingredients such as Koshihikari rice from Yufuin, freshly harvested vegetables, and fresh chicken eggs.Gently soaks into the body in the morning.